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The Silk Romance

Dress – Kachel , Earrings/Bracelets- Lovisa, Watch –Fossil, Shoes – Windsor Smith In primary school environmental studies used to be my favourite subject. Through which I learnt about how silkworms produce silk, the process takes a lot of time, the advantages of having luxurious silk garments and the various reasons of why it is so expensive. (Is it only me who think silk is a beautiful word?) No matter what style the silk garment is I have always been so drawn…

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Valentine’s Day

Hello Majestic Ones!! I love love. (If that makes any sense to you). Trying to simplify my words, to mean that I love everything about love and related to it. Love is the most beautiful feeling. The power of love is immense. Some people love Valentine’s Day and some dread it, for several reasons. Mostly people love it because they have their especial ones and expect to have the gifts they want. While others hate it because they do not…

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