How To Create the Perfect Dressing Room!

I won’t call myself a fashionista but a girl who loves a lot of cloth. I don’t know when to stop shopping. Every morning I make a mess, figuring out what to wear because I have nothing to wear. (First world problems!!)

The messy chaos in my room is not the right environment I want for myself.

Well one way to find my cloth, makeup and accessories easily is to stay organised.

I kept on wondering how to sort out my cloth and still keep my dressing room just the way I want it to be. That’s when I came across some affordable pieces I could include in bedroom from Fantastic Furniture.

I think you will all agree with me that we spend most of our time in our bedrooms and if we do not have the right set up it makes life a bit more complicated and hard.
Here are a few tips on creating the perfect dressing room:
1) Measure the size of your room
2) Think about your budget (you do not have to spend a bucketful of money on your dressing room)
3) Decide on the colors carefully (this is going to be your habitat and you would not buy furniture everyday)
4) Choose something glam or that would evoke some good vibes in your room
5) The final golden rule, if it makes you happy grab it

Trust me you will feel yourself when your dressing room is perfect. It will create the right the mood when you are getting ready to go out and while doing your makeup.

My giant leap to have the perfect dressing room is to add this elegant dresser and mirror in my bedroom.

I am all into white furniture. White furniture makes my room look clean, simple and unobtrusive.

What are your favourites?



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