Mesh it up!

Top – Bardot , Dress – Dotti , Shoes – ZARA

Story of my life: I have an image of what I want in my head. I know I want it. I decide not to get it now but next time. I get busy and at the back of mind I know I want it but do not have the time to grab it. I search for what I want online or in stores. (sometimes I feel I’m stalking online stores to check if they have something new (something precise that I want).
What I had in mind was a mesh skirt. I saw it earlier at H&M and even ASOS but I didn’t bother grabbing it quicker (because that’s what I do) thinking they would still have it in stock.

I literally became the mesh-zilla or the mesh-zombie looking for the most wanted mesh skirt/dress. Now it’s time for you to picture me saying: Mesh, Mesh, me want Mesh!

I came across this mesh dress at Dotti. The price told me to walk away and I am proud I did. The mesh dress was haunting me. Then I received an email and the mesh dress was on sale (35%). It was a sign. I went to Dotti the next day because I was already visualising myself wearing it on Saturday. The store was about to close and they did not have it. The salesgirl checked and advised they have 3 in Melbourne Central store. I told her please place it on hold for me. She told me they have 3 of the same size. I doubt they would sell all of it in one day. My reaction: I don’t want to take any risks, it is meant to be mine.

The next day I went to the Dotti store and the manager said the dress is for sale but there’s only 30% off. I thought I was mistaken and checked my email, showed her. She offered 35% (Winner!).

I was a happy mesh-dress-zilla-zombie owner!

Moral of the story: sometimes when you wait for something you end up getting even better than you might have imagined 🙂

So what am I wearing, its a mesh dress. I paired it with this snuggly sweater dress because it is cold outside baby! Stay tuned to see more of the mesh dress on the blog.

How do you wear your mesh outfits? Let me know 🙂


Photography: Hans Wei

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