Glitter Escapade

Dress – Zara , Ring – Lovisa, Shoes – Hush puppies

There are days when I just want a sweet escape but when I can’t I wear this dress; My glittery escapade. My happy dress. When I feel down, wearing this dress perks up my mood. I wore it for a night out and also during the day. (couldn’t stop myself it is so pretty)

What we wear can makes us feel better. It does not has to be fancy or expensive but something you feel confident, comfortable and happy when you’re wearing it.

Fashion trends will come, go and re-appear but your sense of style is what would remain.

For now, I am loving the glitter, bling-bling, metallic and sequins. What about you?


Photography: Hans Wei

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    August 30, 2017 at 12:37 am

    Girl you are inspiring me to pull out all of the glittery things that I usually wear for the holidays and wear them on a daily basis! There is really no reason why you can’t add a little extra glam to your outfit every day!

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