Gingham & Ruffles


Top – Topshop, Jacket – Mango, Skirt – Sportsgirl, Shoes – ZARA

Lately I posted some photos of myself on Instagram where I opened my heart about feeling awkward when I have a camera in front me. The truth is that the photographer needs to make you feel comfortable and happy to capture the moment. Don’t pose, be a natural.

Talking about Instagram reminds me of numbers. Why numbers? Life is in numbers actually; time, age, weight, steps you took, money etc

Blogging used to be all about being creative, your space, your content but now it is all about the numbers. (increasing the number of followers to be precise)

Blogging is my sweet escape. It allows me to do the thing that I love. Since social media stepped in. It is all about the number of followers you have. People who come across my blog always focus on the number of followers I’ve. When I go to events, they ask about my Instagram some would follow for few hours and un-follow. I do not care about people following and un-following. What saddens me is that the blogging world is not about good content anymore. Very few would read my blog post and appreciate what I’ve written. Remember those days where a blogger would write about a skincare product review or a make up product they have tried and it would only be about the blog post? Where are those marvelous days gone?

Don’t get me wrong. I love Instagram. I love posting beautiful photos, editing them and trying new ways to improve my photography skills. I simply do not understand why has become all about gaining more followers to reach out to famous brands.

Some are even resorting to applications, bots to become acquire more followers. You gotta love those irrelevant bot comments. Sometimes they do not even make any sense.

What’s happening to the blogging world? Tell me your views on it.


Photography: Hans Wei

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    July 19, 2017 at 12:54 pm

    This is a problem with blogging in every part of the world. Instagram is becoming the new blog which is terrible because no one really sees you there. Just what you wore. What you ate and where youu went. All I can say is write for yourself and those few loyal readers who keep coming back

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