Lush Volcano Foot Mask Review

Everyday I am very grateful to have beautiful that take me to beautiful places. Sometimes we neglect the little things that we have and always wish to have certain thing to be happy.

I have enough and I am happy! 🙂

We all should take care of our feet as your feet mirrors your health issues. Moreover they will carry you your entire life.

Lush Volcano Foot Mask is an amazing way to take care of your feet.

The name of this Lush mask intrigues me! Is it only for one foot only? Why Volcano – is it because just like lava it will melt away all the dead skin cells? (Questions, Questions, so many Questions)

Lush Says:


My Experience:

This is a fun mask. I love to use it every Sunday. Sunday is pampering day. You gotta love yourself to love others!!

Alright let’s get into it. Whenever I use Lush Volcano Foot Mask I soak my feet in warm water for amount 10-15 minutes. Cleanse my feet with a bit of my shower gel (Lush Karma Shower Gel), then apply the foot mask all over my feet, wrap my feet with some cling film (I have also tried using a plastic bag and it works well) and leave it for up to 20 minutes.

I unwrap my feet and to remove it, I massage the foot mask first with a little bit of clean warm water as the pumice in it helps to give a good scrub. I do not have extremely cracked heels. I mainly have rough skin around my toes and on my soles.

Lush Volcano Foot mask eats up all the dead skin on my feet. My feet feel baby soft and there is a cooling sensation which is very relaxing. I have very sensitive skin and when I do put my socks on when I am wearing my boots or other shoes, due to frictions my toes darken up and I have corns.

This mask has definitely helped reduce the darkening and the corns.

I apply my favourite foot and heel balm and put on some fuzzy socks. (Ready for bed).





Where to buy:

Lush Australia! $13.50, 125g.

My Verdict:


Step in style with Lush Volcano Foot Mask! Have you used it?

Have you done your Christmas shopping yet?


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