Fox & Velvet

Blouse/Cardigan/Skirt – Princess Highway, Earrings/Ring – Lovisa, Shoes – Cinori

A little fox exploring Melbourne. As a child I loved being in the library. The smell of books, whether old or new was something I adored. Fairy tale, mystery, horror, I read many kind of books. The library was a temple for me to gain more knowledge. I am a very timid and shy person in  a different way. Thing happened and I drifted away from the world of books.

I wonder if they do have a candle/perfume similar to the scent of books in the library! If you ask me what’s my favourite book!? I’ll struggle with that. Even though I have not read many, most of the books I’ve read have are close to my heart.

Engrossed in a book about war! Am I or not!?

Well if you ask me to choose between staying in to read a book or going outdoors in nature. I would totally go for an escape in nature.

This cardigan represents my hosanna (adoration) for the fox which I paired with this velvet skirt. I thought together they were a match made in heaven.

Big blue eyes, pointy nose, chasing mice, and digging holes.
Tiny paws, up the hill, suddenly you’re standing still.
Your fur is red, so beautiful, like an angel in disguise.

One of my friends told me that in Japan, it is believed foxes bring Good-luck and everyone wanted the fox printed scarf she was wearing when she was there!

A little delay to post my last winter outfit. Time is flying. Make the most of it. Meanwhile, enjoy the beauty of spring <3

What do you think about all the pictures taken by random people I met while walking around?

A huge thank you to all of them!

Last but not least, thank you loads, Teddy!!

Seriously, what does the fox say??

Bisoux de velour,

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