Soleil Tan De Chanel / Bronze Universel Review ☀

Guilty pleasures!? Everyone has theirs! Mine? Haute Couture, High end-make up and Dark chocolate.



Surprised! I am too, yes I am finally reviewing make up. Moment of truth, I want to always review make up and but I just can’t, I can’t sit down and list the pros and cons. I do so for skincare, because I love taking care of my skin. Fashion and make up, go hand in hand, so whatever make up products I will like using I’ll make sure to mention it if I do not want to review it. I’ve always wanted to own Chanel in my make up collection. When I finished university, I wanted to give myself presents for the hard work I put in and use it for my Graduation.




So happy me, went to Myer in the city to grab “Soleil Tan De Chanel” and few more things if
I did like something. After watching so many reviews on youtube and even reading many good things about it on many blogs, I was so excited to finally try it and own it in my stash.

I did not want to wear lots of make up that day so I just did a simple look, so that I could try few make up products on me. There was that lady helping people out and she looked at me and walked away, to help other customers who she thought could buy more of Chanel products. I did not care, walked around and was checking out some foundation, etc. Then she came and said in a rude way, looking for something in particular? I said yes “Soleil Tan De Chanel”. (Her voice sounded like she did not want to talk to me or assist me at all). So she told me did you want that one, I am going to grab one for you. I was like, wait!? I would like to try it first on me and see how it looks on my skin tone. She looked furious when I said so and started applying harsh stroke of the product on my face and said you could use it as a make up base when I clearly told her previously I would like to use it as a bronzer. She did half of my face and told me, did you want it now? All I wanted was to go away and not buy anything, but I got it. So I stayed around the Chanel counter, after buying, my prized possession, browsing around. There was an old lady as a manager, I thought she might be friendly and help me with other products and tell me more about the one I purchased, however she told me well yea you could use it as bronzer this way and as  a make up base. Meanwhile the other lady was giving me the angry. I told her that the lady applied Soleil Tan De Chanel on half of my face and did she think I could go out looking like this!? The make up base was not even blended properly. The least they could do was do the rest of my face or remove it. She did not even care about it. I wanted them to help me out with a good foundation and other skincare products which I had my eye on. They would not care at all.

Plus if you would like to purchase a foundation, it is best to test the foundation first, by applying it on the customer’s face or giving some sample they could try for 1-2 days. She clearly refused. She even refused someone who brought in a sample voucher, saying they don’t have it anymore. Even if I bought “Soleil Tan De Chanel” there, they treated me as if I could not afford anything. I could see her handing out the samples to other customer that the lady requested for.

I always had that issue with staff at Myer. I don’t feel like going to Myer anymore.

When I go out to buy make up, especially foundation or concealer. I prefer wearing minimal make up. Try some on me, to see how it goes. However High-end make up staff would judge you if you are not wearing any make up and look at you as if you’re unable to afford anything out there. They made me feel like they own Chanel! Clearly ladies, you work there and it would be great if you have respect for each and every customer. They could not even say any of the “Chanel” product names at all.

I had to get this out. Many of friends were also badly treated at Myer, may it be make up or clothing.

Coco Chanel, would not have been happy to see how you treat people!

I went to David Jones afterwards and the kind lady at their Chanel counter helped me fix my face!

I know! Huge rant but I had to get it out.

Chanel Says:



My Experience:

I knew I did not want to use it as a make up base. I am blessed with sun-kissed skin which I am very grateful of. I use my Real Techniques Brush, the contour brush to blend it in. It looks like soft whipped cream but it is harder than it looks. (Looks like chocolate has been poured in the container, I did not want to ruin it by using it).



All you need to do is to swirl your brush and get a good amount of product and start contouring your face. It does not budge, stays on your face for the whole day and does not get patchy. It is such a beautiful colour not too dark not too orangey. I have been using it since June I think. I forgot exactly when I got it. It would last you for a long time, so it is totally worth the money.

It does give me the most beautiful natural bronzed look. Unfortunately this luxurious product comes in only one shade.

Before you buy any beauty product, I definitely recommend to try it, see how it looks on you. think about it while going to different counters and see if it works for you. Do not rush in buying make up that you would not even be able to use.



Where to buy:

Definitely David Jones Chanel Counters!! I got it for $60 last year!

My Verdict:



Il était une fois.. (Once upon a time..) Coco Chanel..


I love love love love Soleil Tan De Chanel, what about you?


What’s your guilty pleasure?

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  • Reply
    June 19, 2016 at 2:01 pm

    I've been interested to try this for a while, as it looks like such a beautiful product. Sorry you had a bad experience at the Chanel counter though – it amazes me sometimes how rude some sales assistants can be! x

    Kate Louise Blogs

  • Reply
    Swathi Bhat
    June 20, 2016 at 6:29 am

    Beautiful product. Would love to try it out.
    I have had the same problem with many SA's in the counter, they allways act like they own the brand. The funny thing is they actually work in a counter and most cannot even afford the product =))

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  • Reply
    June 20, 2016 at 6:56 pm

    I feel you girl, I really want to add some high end pieces to my makeup collection. Everything about this just screams rich and I really want to try it out now. I've never had a bad experiences

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