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Top/Skirt/Cardigan- Princess Highway,  Shoes – Cinori

Melbourne is all about Fashion, Art, Beautiful laneways and Cafés.  I used to go by, Degraves St everyday to go to work. It feels like home, to pass by those cafés, the smell of coffee, the graffitis on the wall. Everytime I go to the city, it is a must to go to Degraves St and even if I want to eat something, I find myself back to Degraves St, at Andiamo café. You would be warmly welcomed with a smile and the people out there are so nice, plus the food is to die for. I love my pasta, fish and chips, calamari and the cake. Mama-mia!

For some reason,whenever I go to Degraves St, it feels like I am in Harry Potter movie, maybe it is because of all the tiny little boutiques, the cauldrons where you can grab soup. This laneway is full of creativity.

It was one of those days when I was roaming around the streets in the city and ended up at Princess Highway. I met two wonderful girls who looked like dolls. I told them how lovely they looked in their outfits and how I could never pull any of those looks. They told me to try it on and if it is on me, then only I would know if it does or not.

I did and I truly believe it now, if you never try, how would you know. Try new things, experiment new things, live your life to the fullest. Love yourself ♥.

A pop of colour is all you require when the weather gets dull. It brightens up my day, for if you live in Melbourne you know that you’re blessed to have few minutes of the sun, which follows by cold wind and the rain. Whatever it is, I love it.

Melbourne, I am in love with you and it is unconditional.

If I had to fall in the world of “Alice in the wonderland”, I would love to be in there with this vintage and feminine inspired outfit. The orange top, matches the Mad Hatter’s hair. I was invited by IMAX Melbourne to watch the “Alice through the looking glass, in 3D. I loved it. This movie will make you realise how Time is precious and you should spend every millisecond being yourself, loving yourself, being kind and happy.


(In the loving Memory of Alan Rickman, as Absolem)

These are my Fall/Autumn look (more to come). If you feel cold, put your coat on, and open up your umbrella as the weather gets wild in here!

It was Scott’s idea for this outfit to be shot at Degraves St. Such a fantastic idea. Scott is  so talented. I am so grateful to him for being patient with me on how to pose. I tend to get very awkward in front of the camera all the time. He helped me loosen up and being myself.


Photography: Scott Caughey

Stay Blessed and Warm.

(Enjoy the song by Pink <3)

And Oh yes! I coloured my hair? Do you like it and my Princess Highway outfit?



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