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Dress- Forever New, Earrings – H&M, Shoes – Aldo

Graduation day finally arrived. Ever since I started my blog, I have been studying at University of Ballarat for my degree in Information Technology and working at the same time. After 24 exams, so many assignments, tutorials, presentations, I am free!

These days I am utilising my energy into my creative side. I have more time to focus on my blog. I am working on changing literally everything on my blog. I am currently hunting for a photographer buddy, to take more photos of me, for me to post more about my outfits.

Most people would go shopping for the perfect graduation dress ages ago. Well I happened to do my shopping for my graduation dress at the very last minute. I am very organised but this time, I could not find the dress I wanted. I kept on looking online, going to Myer (which I absolutely did not want to go to), David Jones and several shops in Melbourne. Well I had something in my mind, maybe that’s the reason I could not pick any dress. A long white tulle skirt and a crop top with beads, minimal make up, with a coral pout. (Someday I will wear you)

I could not find a Tulle skirt in Melbourne. My bad, it was so trendy during the spring time. I should have grabbed one. Well I was not sure I was going to attend my own graduation. After working so hard, I made up my mind to go over there and have a good time. I should have graduated a year earlier but I am glad I did it this year. I met some good friends and his beautiful wife.

To all the lovely ladies who helped me out picking my dress and who were very patient with me in the fitting room. I am so grateful to you.

In the end I went to Forever New, I have not been there in ages. I did not want to go there because I was afraid someone was going to wear the same dress as me. Good thing about shopping last minute is that everyone else has got their dress and no one will have the same dress as you!! The ladies working out at Forever New were so friendly and kind. Helped me fit in this dress and complimented me on my skin colour and said I looked beautiful when I wore the dress. Everything a girl wants to hear when she has a dress on right? I tried 2 dresses there, a dusty pink one but the lilac dress won my heart. Thank you lovely ladies at Forever New (Melbourne Central Store), I indeed had an amazing time at my Graduation.

I was knackered the previous night that I ended up sleeping 10 hours which was an absolute miracle. I got up early morning. Showered. Even had breakfast. Dressed up. Did my make up and my hair. I wanted minimal make up. The only accessory on me was my earrings. I wanted my dress to shine and be the star, which is why I did not accessorize much. I adore the crystal belt on it. Well I was all ready and I realized that there was only less than 4 minutes to catch the train and there I was holding my dress, my bags and running to train station. It was quite funny. Me all dressed up and running to get the train. Someone even told me you’re gonna miss it. And I did not haha.. (While running I felt I was in a movie, running to catch the train, the very minute to meet the love of my life and if I miss it he would be far far away from me as he is catching a flight, I know I have a vast imagination)

To be honest, I did feel like a princess wearing this lilac dress. Thanks to my friends who tried to take some pictures of me, while I was doing some awkward poses. Trust me it is so hard posing and smiling when it is so cold. I get so awkward when someone tries to take a picture of me. I don’t know if you ever faced this issue? But I don’t know what to do with my hands when someone tries to take a picture of me!! First world problem!! Excuse the ribbon coming out of the dress, I was so excited that I did not even realise they were out of my dress and I thought it would be quite amusing to just leave it in the pictures and not edit it. (**I am so lazy to edit the pictures as well haha)

Thank you all the beautiful ladies in University of Ballarat who were so kind to me and took pictures of me, it was lovely talking to you.

This is the second time I am wearing the graduation gown and even if it is the second time I feel so especial. The gown and the trencher gives you a feeling of a great achievement and accomplishment. I always thought that the graduation gown looked a bit funny when I saw other people wearing them in campus, somehow to me it is like the Harry Potter’s cloak but with no power of invisibility. How awesome would it be if the gown had magical powers? Well maybe it does, because we are all graduates now. Magical Graduates ready to face the real world of work haha.

To everyone out there who made this day possible. Thank you from the bottom of my heart <3

Goodbye University of Ballarat and a big Thank you. To all of those who are about to graduate or graduated recently, Congratulations, your hard work paid off.

Work hard and your dreams will come true! The fruit of hard work is always sweet. Be positive and no matter what you want to achieve and it will happen 🙂

Even though I love dressing up, I was not one of those students at the university who would look immaculate for those early morning lectures. I was the one who would still have pillow creases on my face and survive on caffeine to go through the day. Despite all that I made it. All my friends made it. I did write tips about how to Survive University!!

(P.S: The teddy in the photo belongs to my friend. A gift from his lovely wife and of course I had to take a photo with the cute and adorable teddy!!)

Did you like my Graduation Dress? What did you wear for your graduation?

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