Valentine’s Day

Hello Majestic Ones!!

I love love. (If that makes any sense to you). Trying to simplify my words, to mean that I love everything about love and related to it. Love is the most beautiful feeling. The power of love is immense. Some people love Valentine’s Day and some dread it, for several reasons. Mostly people love it because they have their especial ones and expect to have the gifts they want. While others hate it because they do not have anyone, they see couples around and feel sad, in pain and even furious. Some believe it is just a day for stores and restaurant to increase their business profits.

Well, you must love, cherish, care, respect, etc your especial one everyday. Valentine’s Day is a special day where you can celebrate love together. I reckon, everyday should be Valentine’s Day for couples, to express love for one another.


When I was little, well just starting college, around 12 years old, I was surprised to see people buying roses and gifts at the local shop, while I was waiting for my school bus at the bus stop. Some seniors were talking about meeting their boyfriends or some were receiving gifts early morning. So I went to the shop to see those artificial red roses with a teddy bear in it and asked the shopkeeper how much it was. He told me the price and then the bus came.

Went to school and all the girls were talking about how awesome the 14th of February is. So after school, I went back to the shop and purchased that rose. (Thank goodness I used to save my pocket money and could afford it) I hid it in my bag and looked around for dad, so that dad could give it to mum. It made me happy to see dad give it to mum. Seeing my parents love each other brought me inner peace, because all I want is to see them happy.

For me, buying that rose for my dad to give it to mum is love.

My parents still have that rose in their bedroom on their night stand. Last time I saw it, it brought up good memories and I wished I was little again. (Adult-ing is hard :P)

Valentine’s Day is not about gifts (whether expensive, extravagant ones or any type of gifts). I know it feels great to have things that you want. If you do get a gift, be thankful and grateful, because a gift is a gift, it is the thought behind it that counts). Think one moment, that one day you will leave all these materialistic things in this world, so why not spend the time you have, connecting, bonding and loving with your special one. (Life is short, Right!)

Do not waste your time, getting angry about not getting the gift that you wanted. Being infuriated, will make you have wrinkles and also lose precious time with your beloved. So don’t be silly, make love and feel the heartbeats!!

For people who do not have someone in their life at the moment, love yourself and spread the love with your family, friends, pets. Loving yourself completely, will allow people to love you. Everything comes in your life at the right time. Be happy to see others happy. Be happy to see others with the love of their life. Just love yourself, take care of yourself and do whatever makes you happy, whether it is little or big. If you feel like giving yourself presents, do it. It is a very proud moment for me when I buy myself something with my own money.

If one relationship did not work out, it does mean that you will never experience love in your life. As I mentioned in one of posts “Love ♥“, Love does not hurt, people hurt you. Be positive and you will see when you least expect it, love will be there in your life.



Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day!!
NitishaPhotography: Ellen Rosie

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    Swathi Bhat
    February 14, 2016 at 5:00 am

    Great read, filled with positive vibes. I love your story times.
    Happy valentines day XOXO

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