First Day of Spring

Bonne après-midi,

Waking up today on the first of day of Spring, I was expecting a nice and warm morning with birds chirping but I was wrong! It has been raining torrentially!! (♫This is my September, This is my time of the year ♫ and next month is my Birthday ❤). All I want now in this gloomy weather is a cup of tea and some fried snacks! (which I should not be eating). Well, it rains all the time here and I have the same cravings, If only I could eat all I want all the time and never get hefty! My love for food is irrevocable!

I still have to edit many winter fashion posts, which may be helpful for people around the world as winter is approaching soon.
Winter skincare favourites and many more posts to come. Just bear with me, I have lots of work to do!

Recently I went to IKEA and I did some Spring shopping to decorate my home sweet home. I am so much into white and pastel colours for home interiors.

When we went house-hunting,
I wanted it with:

  • Wooden floor boards
  • A huge master bedroom with a walk-in wardrobe
  • Huge bright windows (to take photos)
  • A cute kitchen
  • Lots of storage space
  • A tub in a least one of the bathroom
  • A lovely spacious balcony!

Currently our home has everything except for the huge balcony I wanted, however it has a cute balcony which I do like!

Picture Frame/ Vase/ Flowers/ Candle Lantern/ Table lamp/ Lack side table – IKEA

I am still looking for a vanity table and ofcourse it has to be white! I love white furniture, It looks so chic and elegant!

Home Decor is still in progress, eventually it shall look amazing ^ ^

À bientôt.

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