August Wishlist

Hello Everyone,
Yet again, I was away. Work, Exams, being sick etc. Today morning, it was foggy and very cold. I wanted to stay under my duvet all day long and since I’ve a cold, its another reason to stay in bed, sipping lemongrass ginger tea with honey. (It is a cold remedy taught to me by my dad!)
Now, it is bright and warm! o.O
Whenever I have to go out, the weather is dull, cloudy and winter and the temperature goes down to 4  °C. Plus it always ends up raining when I forget to bring my umbrella.
Now and then, I took pictures for fashion posts but I always find something wrong with the pictures. I am not happy at all when I look the pictures!! I some kind feel that I am not photogenic.
I have been thinking about giving the blog a new look because I am fed up of what I see.
I know its Winter here and I love it but I am having an obsession with neon!! A pop of colour can be the magical touch in Winter.


(From left to right horizontally)
Louis Vuitton Bag, Accessorize neon clutch, Neon harem pants, Blue Bubble Statement Necklace, Neon camisole, Neon statement necklace, Neon satchel, Blue Pink Yellow neon Necklace, Sequined orange and hot pink clutch, Asos Yellow laser cut zip top clutch, Neon Chiffon Shirt, Neon Belts.
(P.S: all these pictures were taken from Official website and some from Google.)



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